Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cardiff I.ii

I haven't been able to post recently due to verrrry slow internet at our current place of residence. I did manage to get some pictures up, although they're not recent. And when I say "not recent" I mean they're almost a week old. Time is flying by! Yet going so slowly at the same time.

We are in Ireland right now. We took a train from Cardiff to a town called Holyhead, and from there hopped a ferry to Dublin. We've been doing a lot of walking around the city each day, and even took a pricey day-tour into the Wicklow Mountains to see an old monastery called Glendalough. I can't get any more pictures up right now though, so I'll have to tell you more about all that in a couple of days hopefully.

I'll leave you with the last photos we took in Cardiff. The first few are in Cardiff Bay, right on the water. It was cold an windy! And the last few are through the lovely Bute Park and back by the governmental buildings again. I found out there was a garden that I had completely missed the first time through, so I insisted upon going back to see it. It also gave us something to do... So there you go.

Oh, and just a warning: the next post will have a lot of pictures... Mainly from the National Botanic Gardens here in Dublin. That means lots of flower pictures. I hope you all like flowers! Who doesn't like flowers? Everyone likes flowers.

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