Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World Trip

Okay, now that all the shat has hit the fan I feel comfortable enough in sharing mine and Chuck's big plans. We are taking a trip around the world! Woohoo! No, really, we are. Yes, around the whole world. Well, minus Antarctica for now. At least that's the plan. And of course, when the money runs out we go running home. But until then the plan is to travel through Europe, some of Africa, definitely Asia, Australia of course, and if we're lucky we'll make it to South America. And hopefully my sister Robyn will be able to join us at some point along our trip (she has some other obligations she needs to attend to before abandoning the real world to go on walkabout).

We have saved for a while, not knowing what exactly we were saving for. Sometime last year the travel bug bit us. Then at the very beginning of this year we realized that now is as good a time as any to drop everything and travel. I mean, we have no kids, no house, just bit of furniture, no real obligations beyond a couple student loans. So why not now??

We have our tickets to London for April 1st. Right now we're moving out of our nice condo (which will be missed) and staying at my Mom's house for the next month. It's stressful preparing for such a big adventure. And that doesn't include preparing an itinerary! We have no plans - we'll just go where the wind blows us. If we feel like up and going to Milan one day, then we'll do it. If we feel like staying for three weeks in Osaka, then we'll stay. Sounds so nice...

Needless to say we are excited! And nervous. We're hoping to be able to share our journey with the rest of the world (ie: family and friends) by keeping a little blog. Who knows how often we'll manage to update, or how often we'll feel like updating, but we'll do what we can. That's it for now! I'l be back again as we get closer to leaving time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Exciting News!

I have exciting news to share with the world!! I'm not going to share just yet, as some things need to be taken care of before the whole world knows. And by whole world I mean my tiny, uncharted, undiscovered corner of the internet that I have here.

So stay tuned for more details in about two weeks. And no, I'm not pregnant...