Saturday, July 5, 2008

Antique Lavender

Another pair of earrings! My beading "specialty" tends to be earrings so that's what you'll see most of when I get down to business. I started out the day attempting to make a necklace, but some how I turned to earrings... But I'm quite happy with them! They turned out similarly to those wire-wrapped earrings I was referring to in an earlier post. They aren't nearly as extravagant and beautiful, but it's a start!

They aren't made from any special supplies - just silver colored wire that's been sitting around long enough to tarnish a bit. The pearls aren't anything special either. The larger beads are some sort of semi-precious stone, but I just don't remember which one! I'm terrible with gem-stone identification... They're just a tad heavy, but I managed to go a good 5 hours before my ears started complaining. That's the only drawback to big beautiful earrings. They're usually on the heavy side. But I like mine!

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