Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We went to Nottingham on... the 7th I think it was. Despite spending three full days there we only actually did anything exciting on one of them: Nottingham Castle. And some people, I'm sure, would say that's not very exciting at all. Some of you may have already seen the video of us flailing around in the wind from our Nottingham Castle day! If not, here it is: Flailing Around In the Wind At Nottingham Castle.

The castle (which isn't actually a castle - the castle part is long gone) houses a decent little museum that's really nicely presented. I liked the room with the clothing from different time periods. They also had a ton of Jasper cameos - some as pendants, some jugs, some inlaid into wooden boxes. There was also a large display on the history of Nottingham. The floor was so squeaky down there! Makes one self-conscious about walking. Over all, nothing too exciting, but still worth the 3.00 GBP or so it was to get in.

The rest of our time in Nottingham was technically boring, but we enjoyed it. We liked walking around the city just to see the different shops. There are quite a few shops too - clothing shops mainly. And on Saturday the main square was packed! Mainly with a bunch of teenagers, but they were kind of fun to watch. We never got to Sherwood Forest. When we got to the bus there were about 50 people all waiting to get on and I wasn't about to deal with that mess. Oh well. And I was so looking forward to finding Robin Hood and his Merry Men in their hideout...

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