Friday, March 27, 2009


Chuck and I got our backpacks recently! This means that our trip is almost here. We're really going to be getting on a plane on April 1st and heading to England. That's just crazy... But one step at a time! We're on the backpacks step right now. Let's just focus on that.

So we did a test run with the backpacks to see if we could fit everything in. We have been using a website called One Bag for all our packing needs. They have a checklist of items they recommend having and in some cases recommend certain brands that they've found to be the best. They also suggest using the bundle method to pack everything in the backpack (you can find more info at the one-bag website), so that's what we did. It worked great as far as I'm concerned! In fact, I have room to spare in my bag. I could bring a few more shirts or an extra pair of pants if I want. Chuck's was a bit tighter than mine, but he even had a bit of room to spare. So it was a good test run.

If anyone is interested, we got MEI Voyageur Backpacks. They're a tad pricier than say...your average school backpack, but a great investment for a year-long trip around the world. And I really like how the straps can all be hidden away so that it looks like a duffelbag or something similar. You can see it with the strap out in the center picture and with the straps all zipped away in the last photo. Very cool.

And as I already said, we're leaving for London on April 1st. Only five days away! It's really quite surreal. But very exciting! So we'll be updating as the days and weeks go by!



  1. I am looking forward to living this adventure through your writings!!

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  3. Grandma said you can catch a train from Gatwick to London and then a train from London out near Karre's place. I guess the train station is not that far from her house if you guys want to go there. Get a train map as soon as you land so you can find it. With the summitt you may have a hard time finding a place to stay