Monday, March 2, 2009

Back at Mom's

Well, we are all moved out of our apartment now. It was a big task, but we're finally finished. Thank goodness we started packing boxes at the beginning of February, otherwise... phew, otherwise it would have been just horrible. Really horrible.

The main problem was getting rid of furniture. We didn't manage to get rid of the couch until our last night in the place. And the only reason we finally did get rid of it is because we had Dad's truck (thanks Dad!!). And I think I accidentally scratched a cop car while dropping off the couch. I somehow managed to throw my car keys across the parking lot right at an undercover cop car while yanking couch cushions out of the truck. I like to think I was sticking it to the Man, yeah!

We ended up making about three full trips with the truck, so thank goodness Dad let us borrow it. We would have been up a fecal-infested river without any means of maneuverability if we hadn't had that truck. It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates. And we were so kind as to drop off eight garbage bags full of various random things to Goodwill. Although it's probably more accurate to say that Goodwill was kind enough to take eight bags of crap off our hands.

Last of all we cleaned our little hearts out of the apartment. Thanks go to Mom for coming down and helping out. She scrubbed that stove clean! There were some spots we cleaned that I swear hadn't been touched in the past 10 years. And I say the worst part was mopping the whole place with our sub-par mop. We had to run back and forth to the kitchen sink, scrubbing the dirt and hair off of the old, used Mr. Clean scrubby pad. Why oh why must I shed so much?? But after about an hour we finished that final job, said goodbye to the place, and got the heck out of there.

And boy were we sore the next day. We're still sore (at least I am) two days later. And there's still a bit more work to do (like selling my sister's old bed that was replaced with our one-year-old bed). And there's a ton of stuff to put up on or But we're one step closer to leaving time! One step closer to our big adventure!

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