Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ocean Pearls

Hello again! Haven't posted any real creations in a few months because I'm a slacker, but here we go. I actually made these about a month ago - just never took any pictures before now. And the pictures make them look vibrantly blue! Which is quite nice, but not quite true. Yes, they are a nice bright blue, but not as blue as the photos turned out. I won't complain though, I like the effect!

I made them with some cheapo hoop earrings and silver colored wire. I just... started wrapping really. Add a bead, wrap the wire, add a bead, wrap the wire, etcetera, until it ended up as a little web of beads. I actually undid the first pair I made and started over because I wrapped the beads so close together. When I put them on they were just too heavy for my delicate little ears to handle. So the second time around I added half the beads to each earring, and although they're still a bit heavy it's much more bearable!

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